Documentary Family Photography

Always at the root of my photographic practice has been my documentary work. As Mary Ellen Mark said “Photograph the world as it is. Nothing is more interesting than reality.”
I am applying that idea, and my passion to make images of everyday life, to my family photo sessions. 
When you book a documentary family photography session with me, we spend 2-4hrs together and I create images of your everyday life as a family. This could be in your home, or while on a hike, or out sledding. The possibilities are truly endless. The images are not posed or retouched in Photoshop. They are of your family as it is today. Capturing authentic moments of happiness, sadness, of human connection. Those are the memories that are the most cherished.

I think 2019 is going to be a good year for us all and I look forward to documenting a bit of it.